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How Synergy Signs Can Help You Achieve More?Need a Sign Installer?  A Sign Maker?

If you are looking for a full service sign company in the Mid-Atlantic region, look no further than Synergy Signs. We are a professional sign installer, sign maker and sign service company.  We can manage all your sign needs including design, permitting, manufacturing, installation and ongoing maintenance. We have a history of excellent performance in a variety of industries including LED or retail signs, banking signs, church signs, construction signs, government signage, hotel signs, and restaurant signs. We are also able to assist with a company’s imaging and branding needs, and our graphic artists are happy to work with your company designers. We offer free estimates as well as free design consultations, so you will be confidant that Synergy Signs can provide for all your signage needs. We offer services to a very large region, so give us a call today.

 Comprehensive Service

Signage is an essential part of your company, you can update your company’s image with signage or create an entirely new branding scheme. With Synergy Signs, every step of the process is taken care of for you by experts in the field. Whether your job is small or large, we can help you create a logo and increase the visibility of your business. We work with your local agencies to secure the necessary permits and put your project on the fast track to success. We tailor our work to the needs of your company, so that the colors and imagery meld seamlessly with your company’s vision. Innovative signs that are well-crafted attract the attention of the public, and we make sure that your outdoor advertising works for you. Here are just a few of the services that Synergy Signs provides:

  • Design
  • Permitting
  • Custom Manufacturing
  • Sign Installation
  • Ongoing Maintenance

Please explore our links to learn more about each step of the process.

We Offer a Large Coverage Area

We Offer A Large Coverage Area

Synergy Signs has an unprecedented service area in the eastern United States. Although we are based in Virginia, we offer services to North Carolina, Maryland, Washington DC, West Virginia, Delaware and beyond. We also have experience working with every kind of business and organization including schools, churches, construction projects, hotels, government projects, restaurants and countless others. If you have a sign project, we can do it no matter the size or requirements.

 Our Focus: Customer Service

Often, sign companies are good at making signs and not so good at understanding their customer’s needs. Our commitment to customer service is what sets Synergy Signs apart from the competition. We work closely with you to design a sign that suits your particular requirements. You will have one contact at Synergy Signs who is devoted to seeing your project through and addressing any concerns you may have. We understand that you want clarity and transparency when it comes to branding your business, and we will provide you with the answers you need in a timely and professional fashion.

 What Synergy Signs Can Do For You

Having an uninteresting or uninspiring sign can make your company or organization invisible to the public, and we can help you fix this problem. Whether your existing sign is old, cracked, has missing lights or is simply unappealing, our expert designers can help you create a public face that will draw in more people. If your business is new we can help you create a comprehensive image that will speak volumes about who you are. Signs are the best form of advertising because so many people see them on a daily basis, so your sign should reflect the mission of your company, church or organization. The process of creating a sign that reflects your organization can be difficult, but with out project managers you have a single contact at Synergy Signs who can answer all of your questions.

 Our Commitment Continues

Our commitment to your project does not end with manufacturing, our installation services are also an important part of our company. We offer a range of services including single wall sign installation, high rise sign installation, and multi-state image conversion. Our sign installation crews are professional and experienced, and we have a full support staff that enable us to complete large and complex installation jobs. With our large coverage area, no matter where you are located, you can trust Synergy Signs to help you do the heavy lifting. Once your sign has been manufactured and installed, our work does not end there. Synergy Signs will keep your signage in proper working order. We offer annual maintenance, which is especially helpful for those with lighted or neon signage. If there is a problem with your sign that cannot be resolved on site, we will complete your repairs at our full service facility and complete the re-installation to ensure that your signage looks perfect.

 Let Synergy Signs Help You

If you have a signage project, let Synergy Signs streamline the process and deliver exactly what you need. There is no need to deal with multiple companies for design, installation and maintenance when Synergy Signs does it all. Our friendly staff of experts can help you with every facet of your signage needs in a professional, efficient and affordable manner, so give us a call today.