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Road Signs

Road Signs

What exactly do you mean by Road Signs?

Road Signs is the term that many people use to refer to any type of freestanding sign structure visible from the road.  Other people consider a road sign to be the actual highway type of directional sign.  From our point of view – you’re both right ; )

road signRoadside Signs are just that – signs beside, over-top of, visible from – the road.  These can be referred to as Freestanding Signs, High Rise Signs, Pylon Signs, Monument Signs…the list goes on and on.

This particular road sign would commonly be called a “custom pylon sign with tenant panels” or a “freestanding tenant panel sign”.

Don’t let the names or titles be confusing.  Just give us a call or submit an online form and tell us what you’re looking for you sign to do for your business or shopping center or office spaces.  How large you think you want you signs and what components are Must-Haves and what other options you might like to see.
It’s as simple as that!

High Rise Signs are the most visible of Road Side Signs

A high rise sign, is generally referring to any sign that is over sixty or eighty feet tall to the top of the sign way up in the air.  Not too many localities want a million high rise road signs in their back yard, but in many areas, especially rural areas, trees block the local businesses from the travelers eye. 

Many times the only way you know a Shell Gas Station is off a particular exit (if you missed that high rise road signtraffic sign a mile back) is because you see that beaming, lovely lighted high-rise sign at up ahead becoming you to come and enjoy the most needed lavatory facilities : ) 

But seriously, high rise road signs encompass a major percentage of the road signs we see every day.  Just look up and you’ll see!

But what about road signs as in Traffic Signs?

Well, those types are extremely important too.  We all use them just as much as any other type of sign when trying to locate an exit or a business.  Traffic Signs as we generally refer to them can be obtained form a large number of sources, and you can order custom traffic signs online with Synergy Signs as well.

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