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The Many Varied and Creative Sign Products

holiday inn signSynergy Signs offers a wide variety of sign products to our clients.  We focus on commercial, schools, churches and industrial/construction signage.  We specialize in implementing and managing large scale image upgrades and conversions and high rise signage.  We however also enjoy working with all of our one-location clients who want a unique and outstanding sign for their business, church or school.

At Synergy Signs, we are known for our cutting edge technology, and our keen interest in bringing our clients the latest innovations in signs and signage available in the industry. We are excited to announce a new line of products that are now available at our new online store Design and Buy A We proudly present our “Going Green” signs, the LEED sign and the Solar Powered Sign. Not only do we provide you with top class products, but now at your choice, your signs will shine even brighter while the environment and the world can love them even more.

Whether you operate a retail store, a new thriving church community, a government project or a construction site, you will find our wide range of branding solutions ready for you to choose from. We cater to a range of clients that include the government, churches, businesses and gas stations. Not only do we ensure that the signs we manufacture stand out above the rest, but we also ensure that they are specific to the client’s needs so that it captures the attention of, and effectively communicates your message to the people who view it.

Whatever your sign or signage need, simply communicate this to our Synergy experts, and we will convert your concept to a message of light and brand signature that will interact with your audience. Synergy Signs carries a multitude of non-exhaustive branding solutions that are ready to use. Enjoy browsing through our range of signage products located on the left and learn how they can work for you.gas price sign

Going Green with Other Fantastic Offers

Added to our range of signs and signage, we are excited to now have on offer eco-friendly green signage (LEED signs) and solar powered signs. As more and more people become more concerned about the environment they look for companies who are utilizing and offering green products.

LEED Signs and the U.S. Green Building Certification Rating System

LEED signs are environmentally friendly signs that are illuminated with low voltage LED (light emitting diode) lighting. LED lightings are environmentally friendly because they do not contain mercury and they produce less carbon dioxide than other lighting. They are very cost effective, and the illumination they provide is very attractive and makes great signs of varying shapes and sizes. Synergy also use photopolymer and eco-friendly phenolic to build their LEED signs. These materials are water soluble and do not require any chemical treatment. This improves on the turn-around, saving clients time and money.

Aside from being a green product, our clients are particularly happy with the brightness of the illumination that LED lights produce. Synergy Signs is proud that our manufacturing procedures are compliant with the U.S. Green Building Certification Rating System.

Solar Powered Signs

Our solar powered signs are not only eco-friendly, but they are also cost effective investments that will pay for themselves in a short time. There will be no added cost to your electric bill over the life time of the sign. Your installation cost will also be less as there will be no need for digging and using concrete to hold the sign in place. You can easily move your sign from one location to another.

Synergy Signs offers our customers a variety of innovative ways in which solar lights can be used for custom messages, special event messages, and location identification. We are specifically excited about combining LEED signage technology with solar panel technology to offer our customers the best of both worlds, cost effective and attractively lighted signs and signage.

Design your own Sign and Signage online at Synergy

design a sign onlineInternet usability has finally evolved so that now Synergy Signs has a new and exiting addition to our user interface. The ever growing needs of our clients can now be satisfied through our new Design and Buy A website, where you can let your genius shine through when you design your own signs online and from the comfort of your home. No more need to anxiously wait on a design to go through the developmental and revision cycle.

Our site is equipped with design tools and many design templates to help you get your designs done quickly and easily. Simply view our range of designs and ordering options, and you can start designing your very own sign immediately.

Clients who may need to have small signs such as vinyl stickers, yard signs or banners done, can simply place your order through Design and Buy A We make it even easier for you to showcase your own creativity by designing these small signs right there online, and then place your order. For larger signs we invite you to call us and have a dialogue as these are more complex and will require more details. Our selection of interior and exterior signage is also a must-see.

Our Work Ethics and Client’s Orders

Our signs are designed and built specific to the requirements of each project we undertake. The caliber of work we undertake range from simple to innovative to complex. The manufacturing techniques and materials that we use are numerous and of a wide variety, enabling us to readily take on any project. We work continuously an strategically to ensure that the project is completed and delivered on time.

Synergy Signs is operated by a team of innovative designers who strive to create signs that will not only showcase your business or event, but will also capture the interest of the viewing public. The kind of views and reviews that the quality of our products attract, speaks volumes about our level of craftsmanship, creativity and professionalism. We offer a complete package that will cover custom sign manufacturing and installing.

We are experts in this industry and can take your ideas from a concept, to reality. Our team of professionals will design a sign for your entity with your name and message set in light for the world to see. We will set your message alight and bring clientele or members to your door. Remember to browse through our range of signage products located on the left and learn how they can work for you.

 Quality Guaranteed

In addition to our eye catching design and detailed work, Synergy’s Signs are widely known for their quality. We continue to be the leaders in our field, matched by none, and surpassed by none. Having repeat customers speaks well to the effectiveness of our signs. Not only is our staff talented, but they are also dedicated and committed to providing reliable and quality service.

At Synergy Signs, our team of professionals combine the purpose for which the sign will be used with our high level of craftsmanship, to deliver to our clients their own uniquely designed signs and signage.