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LED Signs and Common LED Sign Questions

LED Signs and Common LED Sign Questions

LED Signs and Common LED Sign Questions

In today’s business place, having an LED sign can be the deciding factor between success and failure when trying to capture that elusive New Customer’s Attention.  While trying to decide if you want an LED Sign and if you decide the answer is Yes, then well… have questions, right?

So for your convenience we’ve posted just a few of the basic and most frequent questions we get from clients who feel that and LED Sign is a good option for their school or business.  Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the technical aspects of the Electronic Message Center.

What is an LED?
It is short for “light emitting diode”. These tiny lamps contain semi-conductor chips that are used to create the color.

What is a “Pixel”?
It is a complete dot formed by LED lamps.

What is the viewing angle?
The viewing angle is the angle from the sign which the message can first be seen (or the point in which the message can’t be seen anymore if you’re driving past the sign). We offer 140 degrees for outdoor Electronic Message Centers.

What are the benefits of LEDs?
They are very energy efficient, long lasting, provide high resolution, better clarity, and require little maintenance.

How is it energy efficient?
It is UL listed as low wattage. Compared to incandescent light bulbs, they can cut costs up to 95%.

How long do LED lamps last?
They have a life span of at least 100,000 hours (Approx. 10 years) with minimal maintenance.

How easy is it to maintain and service?
LED lamps, and LED Sign board components can be replaced as needed, most of which will be covered under your warranty   With front service access panels, the LED signs cancan be diagnosed and repaired with no wasted time.

How do you get the images and words on the screen?
What is displayed will all be controlled by the included programming software, run from a laptop or desktop.  They are nice programs, with ease of use and lots of options.  We offer lots of content packages included with your LED sign purchase that will enable even the most technology-newbie to have professional content displayed on their boards.  Once you have the options setup on your LED Sign program, then you just send that information to your board, just like sending it an email full of instructions.  The method of communication is determined by your needs.  If the sign is far away or across a paved parking lot, a wireless communication device will be included in your installation.  The communication link can also be hardwired, which is most often used for building mounted LED signs.

What languages can be displayed?
All languages can be displayed in graphic mode (depending on the sign)

Will I have to run a lot of electrical and data wires to the board from my computer?
Our wireless communication can be used to program signs without running any cables or wires.  If the sign is very far away from an office (by the interstate in a field) then it can be easily setup to have a plug at the bottom of the pole where you can just walk up with your laptop, plugin and update the boards message.  The options are pretty limitless.  Just tell us what you need for you LED sign communication method and we’ll figure out the best suited option for you.

Where can I use the LED Sign?
Banks, schools, theaters, airports, car dealerships, stadiums, hospitals, supermarkets, gas stations, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, shopping centers, churches, or wherever you need to get the message out can all make use of an LED sign.  A quick call to your local zoning office will help you determine if they will be allowed, or we can do that step for you.

What are the best uses for LED Signs?
The uses for the sign are virtually LIMITLESS. If you want to promote a sale, welcome customers in, give incentives for new customers to enter, tell community news, wish someone a happy birthday… whatever!

What is your warranty?
We offer a 5-year parts warranty and an extended service option.  This includes the replacement or repair of any defective parts and components. We have one of the best warranties in the industry to offer peace of mind for you return on investment.

Visit our LED Signs page for even more information, or give us a call to discuss your unique LED Sign needs.

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