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Digital and LED Signs Lense

Digital and LED Signs Lense

There is some interesting information on digital, led signs and electronic message centers on the Squidoo lens.  Check it out!

Here is an excerpt:

An electronic message center is a tool that provides people important information. This is equivalent to a bulletin board but the former has a TV-like screen that shows text data and images. This has the capability of displaying and storing various images that are programmable. Messages can be changed often by an electronic message center without the extra expenses for physical parts of a signage. An electronic message center can endure natural elements of snow, sunlight, and rain. It is a very effective marketing tool as these ultra-bright LEDS can be seen 24 hours a day.

Products to Choose From

6 mm Indoor Full-Color Message Display

This product has varying size options and is available in many arrangements. Various kinds of content can be displayed such as full-color graphics, text, FIDS integration, and VGA/DVI broadcasts. Windowing of digital content is possible with different content panes. It is clearly visible with a maximum brightness of 1.700 cd/m2 with 64 power-saving dimming levels. It can provide a large viewing angle in different locations with its wide 140×140 degree angle……………

Click to Read More:  Here is the link again to read the full article posted by Synergy Signs on Squidoo:


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