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Custom Neon Sign

Custom Neon Sign

Custom Neon Sign

custom neon sign for christmasWhen you’re looking for a business sign or a cool bar sign for you home or hangout, then a custom neon sign is a really good option.  The only issue you may run into is what to choose!  That’s not always a bad thing when you’re investing in your own custom neon sign, if you have an idea of what you’re looking for, but don’t worry, even if you don’t Synergy Signs can help you figure out what suites your intended space the best.

Here’s a little information about exactly what a custom neon sign is:

Custom Neon Signs – The Raw Form

Neon starts as just hollow glass tubes that are coated with specific powder on the inside.   The neon glass comes straight in sticks of  4, 5 and 8 ft lengths and a multitude of different MM (thicknesses) which are determined by the custom neon signs final application and space provided.  This powder looks white until it’s illuminated using either Neon or Argon gases.  The color powder combined with the specific gas determined the exact color of illumination of the neon.

How Are Custom Neon Signs Shaped?

The stick of glass is chosen (for it’s color and thickness needed) then the neon sign bender with plug one end and put their mouth piece on the other.  Constant air pressure is maintained manually by the neon bender through his breath into the mouth piece as the glass is then held over a variety of open fires.  These fires heat up the glass allowing the professional neon bender to shape the glass into the appropriate shape.

By using their knowledge to keep the the air pressure constant and an eye for detail, when they feel the glass is pretty close to the pattern (the computer generator drawn design) they then take that very hot glass and place it onto their neon table where they finalize the glasses shape before it cools.  As a last touch a set of compression tools (usually chalk blocks as they don’t burn) are used to press the glass down gently so that the front surface is flat.

A few interesting notes:  This process is done for EVERY single bend you see in any custom neon sign!  Also, the glass is literally bent from the back.  That means would the neon bender places the letter, or bent glass shape, down on their neon table, the “front side” or the side that will eventually face the viewer is the side that is on the table.

 Just how hot does the glass get when bending a Custom Neon Sign?

Depending on the glass composition, the working range of glass is from 1600′ F to over 2200′F.

What different types of custom neon signs can you get?

custom neon sign for windowYour custom neon sign is just that – custom!  So the only limitation on what you can order for your personal custom neon sign will be in the size and installation method needed to display your sign.  If you want a table top sign then the overall size of hte size will determine how many letters and what style font will work.  If you have a large business or bar space and need custom border neon around all your walls or ceiling, or need neon installed inside your building or hi rise sign, then no worries – just tell us what you want!


Can you make your custom neon sign flash?

Yes!  Neon has been around for a long time.  Think of all the great pictures you’ve seen of Las Vegas over the years and by and large, many of those flashing signs were custom neon signs.  Yes, there are a bunch of LED signs out there now, but neon is still a hugely unique and applicable design and architecturally enhancing component.  To make your sign flash, we just need to install specific transformer and we need to know what parts you want to flash when.  By doing so, we can customize your flashing components and give you a truly unique custom neon sign, no matter where you want it.
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